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Night in the desert by both camels and 4×4

Departure in the morning into the Sahara desert crossing its beautiful landscapes to explore and discover the wonderful parts of the big desert in a traditional way of nomadic lifestyle as your journey across the ever-changing landscapes of the Sahara desert. You will start your trek over a beautiful part of the desert with small  sand dunes, Tamarisk trees and over stone desert. Later, and after another 3 hours of walking, we will set our camp in a wonderful dune area named Douib.  Where you will experience a magical night when the sky is clear of and stars sparkle and shine with a unique and mesmerising intensity. After a wonderful and delicious dinner, there will be a camp fire. In the morning, you can get up early, take a walk over the sand dune, watch the sunrise from just behind the sand dunes. You will also be given an opportunity to take nice pictures before and after breakfast and later, you will be brought back to the village of Mhamid by 4×4 where the tour ends.