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Yoga and Meditation Training Course in the Moroccan Desert of  Mhamid el ghizlane  with Mhamid Tours

The desert has remained a wild and privileged space to experience yourself, to listen to the sound of silence and to sleep under the stars…the desert opens a calm space, with peace and silence, to practice Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation…

In the words of Jean Grenier: You don’t travel in order to escape, but to find yourself. To travel, then, becomes a medium. In the vast solitude between life and death there are places, wonderful moments, when a landscape plays on our soul like a great musician who can make an ordinary instrument sound beautiful.

camp Yoga  (desert camp)

The Bivouac is perfect setting to practice your yoga philosophy and gives time for your body, your heart and your soul. Sunset and sunrise in the desert dunes empowers and energizes your Yoga practice.

The bivouac (camp) of Nomad tents is located at the foot of the dunes. The tents are reinforced with wood and are equipped for 2 – 4 people.
The floor is covered with thick carpets.
Beds and bedding is provided.
There is a large dining tent and a fire pit.

Yoga Camel trek

The camel trek is a roaming journey that gives us the opportunity to walk in silence (3-4 hours) following the camels carrying our luggage… The rhythm of the camel’s steps in the desert sand connects you to the earth and nature. Sleeping under the immense canopy of the stars connects you to the universe. This is the ultimate Yoga experience.