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Night at the biggest Chegaga dunes by 4×4

This trip starts from the door of the Sahara desert  (Mhamid)  with the off road  specialized car (4×4) via the beautiful various landscapes of the desert and its components ( Hamada, Erg, Reg), this desert trip is a worthy experience of self exploration. Ideally, one can divide the way into three parts (sandy dunes, Hamada, and stony area). During your way to Erg Chegaga and across 60 km through the Sahara desert, you will notice a variety in the landscapes as you will enjoy the passing by an old nice Sacred oasis that consists of small group of palm trees and a source of water which is running the whole year for nomads to soak their herds and get a little water for survival.  After 15 km by 4×4, we reach the big dunes of  Chegaga with  at an altitude of 300 m along 40 km.