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13 days Circuit Azahar

Day 1 : Transfer from airport to Mhamid 

Day 2 : Mhamid / Sidi Naji

Leaving M’hamid by the large palm, we will discover small dunes and Tamarisk to reach the Marabout of Sidi Naji.

Day 3 : Sidi Naji / Zaair

From Sidi Naji, we will join the chain of Bani, at the Algerian borders to reach Zair which is an old souk and ruins of an ancient casbah, we will set our camp for the night.

Day 4 : Zaair / Zahar

After a nice breakfast, we will continue our way to discover a clear view of the plain via elaammari flat to join the Marabout of Sidi AOMR.

Day 5 : Zahar / Erg smar

Morning is dedicated to the discovery of the fauna and flora, to the oasis of erg Smar (former village in ruins).

Day 6 : Erg smar / Oum tobgane

We will go through a drill Tamaris named Atlet to Salem, we will stop on the way to the camp at the edge of the dunes, close to ancient ruins of  Oum tobgane.

Day 7 : Oum tobgane / El aalem

Crossing a part of the reg, we will reach the lake to Iriqui Erg Elaalem, site of the Bivouac between dry rivers and sand dunes.

Day 8 : Elaalem / Erg lroul

Day walk is dedicated to the discovery of dry lake Iriqui where we will spend the evening at the erg Lroul.

Day 9 : Erg lroul / Chigaga

Day walk in the sea of sand to Chigaga where we will pause to enjoy the sunset.

Day 10 : Chigaga / Oasis sacrée

Early morning walk to reach the  sacred oasis, to taste its pure and fresh water.

Day 11 : Oasis sacrée Mhamid 

One our way back to Mhamid we will visit the old Kasbah followed by a traditional Hammam in the late afternoon.

Day 12 : Mhamid / Marrakech

Return to Marrakech via Ouarzazate. Riad overnight.

Day 13 : Transfer from riad to airport